L A S T  D I S P A T C H  D A Y  B E F O R E  C H R I S T M A S  -  F R I D A Y  1 8 T H   D E C E M B E R .
O R D E R S  A F T E R  T H I S  D A T E   W I L L   B E  D I S P A T C H E D  F R O M   4 / J A N



Founded in 2017, Ivy and Betty has grown from humble beginnings with just a few greetings cards,

to a respected wedding stationery business working with happy couples across the world.

I'm Kate, creator of Ivy and Betty.

You'll find me spending my days designing pretty things and hand crafting them

in my home studio, I love simple, classy designs with a twist of personality to make them perfect for your wedding. 

I created Ivy and Betty in 2017 after having our first son, in a bid to find a more flexible approach

to working.  I left behind my retail buying career, dusted off my learning skills and began

to navigate a world of design, production and online selling.

Things began with a few personalised greetings cards and prints while I developed

my wedding range and found my feet. I now sell bespoke wedding invites to couples

across the world, along with matching stationery including bridesmaid proposals, save the dates, engagement invites, wedding table decor and much more.